Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ladies Annual Meeting and Election of Committee Members

On Friday October 14th 2011, the Annual Meeting and Prize Giving of the Blairgowrie Ladies’ Section will take place in the lounge of Blairgowrie Golf Club at 6:00 pm. At that meeting, the election of Captain, Vice Captain and committee members will take place. In accordance with the Blairgowrie Ladies’ Management Agreement November 2010:

2.2 Nominations of candidates for the offices of Lady Captain, Lady Vice-Captain and members of the Ladies Section Committee must be intimated in writing to the Club’s Managing Secretary not later than the 15th September in each year. Any candidate for such office or membership must be proposed and seconded by Members who are entitled to vote at an Annual or Special Meeting. A Notice listing any candidate proposed by the Members will be posted on the Notice Boards.

Nomination forms will be available next to this notice in the Ladies’ Locker Room. Nominations will then be published by the 22nd of September 2011.

Draw Ladies SLGA 13 2nd September 2011

09:03 Aileen KEAN (23) Jean LABURN (24)
09:12 Barbara LOW (24) Ina MURDOCH (24) Ella ALLAN (34)
09:21 Norma MCCLURG (22) Morna STEVEN (27) Angela BEALE (23)
09:30 Ann ALEXANDER (35) Janet MCKENZIE (25) Elizabeth TOSH (25)

10:06 Liz FERTACZ (13) Margaret HUNTER (15)
10:15 Muriel RAE (14) Ann HENRY (18)
10:24 Jan KENNEDY (15) Lesley FINDLAY (16) Mari BROWN (17)
10:33 Maureen REID (16) Anne SIDEY (17) Cathie IRVING (14)

12:30 Gillian WALLACE (7) Muriel MCPHERSON (14)
12:39 Heather ANDERSON (4) Barbara LYBURN (12)
12:48 Janice LANG (11) Maureen BRASS (13) Margaret KERR (17)
12:57 Jacqui LANDSBURGH (17) Dianne WALLACE (20) Margaret MCGLASHAN (14)

Results Ladies Autumn Meeting (27/08/2011 CSS:75)

1st 80-6=74 Sheila STIRLING
2nd 86-10=76 Brenda CLOUGH
3rd 93-17=76 Jacqui LANDSBURGH

1st 94-26=68 Louise WHITEHEAD
2nd 99-23=76 Margaret STURROCK
3rd 101-21=80 Sheila CHRISTIE

Two’s result this week:
Liz Fertacz had a 2 at the 6th and won all the money- £13.00. Well done Liz!!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Blairgowrie Ladies v Panmure Barry Ladies

The Blairgowrie Ladies team of Cathy Irving, Avril Smith, Barbara Lyburn, Ann Henry, Laura Mackay, Aileen Kean, Mari Brown and Jean Laburn had a most enjoyable rain free home match against the Panmure Barry Ladies which resulted in a most friendly 2-2 draw to end the match season on Monday 29th August.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Competition draw Ladies Autumn Meeting 27th August 2011

08:45 Maureen BRASS (13) Louise WHITEHEAD (26) Shona LEIGHTON (6) 08:54 Mary HOPE (10) Meriel WALKER (22) Heather A DAWSON (16)
09:03 Susan ARBUCKLE (5) Margaret STURROCK (24) Heather ANDERSON (4)
09:12 Maureen REID (16) Aileen KEAN (23) Margaret KERR (16)
09:21 Jan KENNEDY (15) Miss L Mcpherson (33) Sheila RITCHIE (13)
09:30 Margaret MCGLASHAN (14) Norma MCCLURG (22) Muriel MCPHERSON (14)
09:39 Caroline BEST (16) Vike BROWN (28) Brenda CLOUGH (10)
09:48 Gillian WALLACE (6) Doreen JOHNSTON (24) Sheila Stirling (7)
09:57 Ann HENRY (18) Katie CHAPMAN (24) Cathie IRVING (14)
10:06 Jacqui LANDSBURGH (17) Ina MURDOCH (24) Elizabeth DAVIE (19)
10:15 Dianne WALLACE (20) Norah HAY (22) Margaret THOMSON (20)
10:24 Sandy BUSHBY (9) Morna STEVEN (27) Liz FERTACZ (13)
10:33 Emily AIRD (5) Nanette PEARSON (24) Muriel RAE (14)
10:42 Fiona M JOHNSTON (12) Elizabeth TOSH (25) Maureen IRVINE (18)
10:51 Ray BRASS (12) Sheila CHRISTIE (21) Norma FLEMING (9)
11:00 Lindore AITKEN (11) Maureen CHALMERS (34) Jennifer PETRIE (10)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Photos From Past Captain's Day

Past Captain's Day 2011

Fifteen Past Captains gathered today for golf, lunch and a good chat. Eight played a stableford on the Rosemount Course, three went out on the Wee Course and four others came along later for the lunch. Mary Hope was the winner of the Past Captain's Trophy with an excellent score of 37 points. Nancy Taylor won the Wee Course event.

Pictured below are all the past captains seated in order of their captaincy:

Seated: Lady Dorothy Hardie, Nancy Taylor, Betty Doe, Irene Shepherd, Isobel Murray, Catherine Patterson, Maureen Reid. Standing L-R Mary Hope, Muriel Rae, Rita Hoad, Norah Hay, Sheila Christie, Noreen Fordyce, Liz Fertacz and Muriel McPherson.

Mary Hope, winner of the Past Captains' Trophy

Blairgowrie Ladies v Downfield Ladies

Congratulations to the Blairgowrie Ladies team comprising of Gillian Wallace, Norma Fleming,
Liz Fertacz, Muriel McPherson,Margaret McGlashan, Jan Kennedy, Dianne Wallace and Doreen Johnston who had a 3-1 win against the Downfield Ladies on Monday 22nd of August. Well Done

Monday, 22 August 2011

2's Results for Friday 19th August 2011

Gillian Wallace  had a 2 at the 6th and Susan Arbuckle had a 2 at the 15th. As it was a rollover they each won £10.00. Well done ladies!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Results of SLGA Medal 12 & Hoad SS (19/08/2011 CSS:74)

Silver: 1st 80-9=71 Sandy BUSHBY
2nd 92-19=73 Elizabeth DAVIE
3rd 78-5=73 Emily AIRD

1st 100-24=76 Ina MURDOCH
2nd 104-24=80 Margaret STURROCK
3rd 107-26=81 Louise WHITEHEAD

Ladies Tri-Am Invitational Draw Sunday September 4th 2011

09.00 Blairgowrie 1 – Gillian Wallace, Norma Fleming, Mary Hope
09.10 Dunbracken – Patricia Morris
09.20 Kirriemuir – Sheila Bradley, June Coull, Frances Martin
09.30 Muthill – Claire Milne, Lynn Cameron, Sheila Swan
09.40 Scotscraig – Dorothy Ford, Hilary Brown, Ann Burchell
10.20 Ladybank 4 – S Bowers, A Laing, S Peebles
10.30 Ladybank 1 – S Beaton, L Stark, C Wilson
10.40 Ladybank 3 – E Gibb, L McDonald, J Rearie
10.50 St Rule – M Davidson, Dr M Richardson, J Hulme
11.00 Blairgowrie 3 – Laura Mackay, Elizabeth Tosh, Cathy Cameron
11.10 Elie 1 – Agnes McLean, M Brown, M Lambie
11.20 Elie 2 – L Humphrey, I Murray, I Collins
11.30 Edzell – A Hay, H Jolly, P Black
11.40 St Fillans – E Bennie, A Cackett, J Whyte
11.50 Ladybank 5 – A Lunan, J Connally, M Hair
12.00 Brechin 2 – M Wilson, F Watson, M A Turriff
12.10 Alyth – S Waddell, J Sneddon, J Sneddon
12.20 Dunkeld - R Kerr, C Bidwell, E Porter
12.30 Glenisla -
12.40 Blairgowrie 4 – Liz Fertacz, Janice Lang, Muriel McPherson
12.50 Ladybank 2 – E Hutcheon, A Henderson, G McColm
13.00 Blairgowrie 2 – Sandy Bushby, Jean Laburn, Mari Brown
13.10 Carnoustie Caledonia 1 – S Brunton, S Strachan, M Ritchie
13.20 Carnoustie Caledonia 2 – Y Heap, J Clark, R Fletcher
13.30 Grange – H Elrick, A Gall, H Munro
13.40 Kinross 1 – R Duncan, A Moore, A Thomson
13.50 Kinross 2 – B Brannan, L Murray, M Graham
14.00 Auchterader – S Bennie, L Menzies, K Robertson
14.10 Brechin 1 – J Laing, K Coutts, M Mitchell
14.20 Blairgowrie 5 – Ann King, Angela Beale, Birte Buckett

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Draw SLGA 12 & Hoad SS (Stroke Play) 19th August 2011

SLGA 12 & Hoad SS (Stroke Play) 19 August 2011 Handicap: Full

09:03 Norah HAY (22) Margaret STURROCK (23)
09:12 Vike BROWN (28) Elizabeth TOSH (25)
09:21 Jean LABURN (23) Ina MURDOCH (24) Louise WHITEHEAD (26)
09:30 Aileen KEAN (22) Janet MCKENZIE (25) Morna PYLE (27)
09:39 Norma MCCLURG (22) Flora SCOTT (22) Morna STEVEN (27)

10:15 Elizabeth DAVIE (19) Caroline BEST (15)
10:24 Noreen FORDYCE (17) Carolyn HADDOW (18) Elizabeth McPhail (6)
10:33 Lesley FINDLAY (16) Margaret HUNTER (15) Maureen REID (16)
10:42 Lindore AITKEN (11) Ann HENRY (18) Jan KENNEDY (15)

12:30 Gillian WALLACE (6) Mary HOPE (10)
12:39 Barbara LYBURN (12) Heather ANDERSON (4)
12:48 Margaret KERR (16) Liz FERTACZ (13) Susan ARBUCKLE (6)
12:57 Rae Brass( ) Cathie IRVING (14) Jacqui LANDSBURGH (17)
13:33 Sandy BUSHBY(9) Laura Mckay
17:27 Gwen LAMBIE (5) Brenda CLOUGH (10) Emily AIRD (5)

Senior Ladies' Invitational Tuesday 16th August 2011

Today the Senior Ladies' Invitational took place on the Rosemount Course. There was a shotgun start with 21 groups on the course playing greensomes. We were very lucky with the weather as the rain came down minutes after everyone had finished. We all then gathered in the dining room for very tasty soup and sandwiches. The winners today were as follows:
1st Sandy Bushby and Sally Fenner, 2nd Jennie French and Sandra Service, 3rd Mary Hope and Stella Bowers and 4th were Ina Murdoch and Sheena Hay.
Nearest the pin Silver Isobel Harvey, Nearest the pin Bronze, Rhona Mcgeoghan, Longest Drive Silver Sandy Bushby and Longest Drive Bronze Meriel Walker. Thanks go to Mari Brown, Laura Mckay and Elizabeth Tosh who organised the day so well.

Sandy Bushby, Sally Fenner, Carol Lambie and Flora Scott  pictured at the 1st tee

Elizabeth Tosh and Laura Mckay came to see everyone off.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Blairgowrie Ladies v Pitlochry Ladies Match

Congratulations to the Blairgowrie Ladies team of Linda Rice, Jan Kennedy, Muriel McPherson, Ann Henry, Dianne Wallace, Betty Bryce, Aileen Kean and Doreen Johnston who had enjoyable match against the Pitlochry Ladies and won 2.5-1.5. Well Done Ladies

Blairgowrie Member Alexandra Bushby Marries

Congratulations to Blairgowrie member Alexandra Bushby who married Robert Nisbet at St Kessog's Church Auchterarder on Saturday August 13th. Afterwards there was a reception at Gleneagle's Hotel. If you wish to see more photographs, just click on the photograph.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Senior Ladies' Invitational Tuesday 16th August 2011


1 Sandy Bushby/Sally Fenner Flora Scott/Carol Lambie
2 Diana Eyton-Jones/Hazel Kelly Meriel Walker/Joan Fleming
3 Liz Fertacz/ Isobel Harvey Lindore Aitken/ Ann Galloway
4 Heather Dawson/ Rhona McGeoghegan Joan Merry/ Midge Bett
5 Elaine Smith/ Wilma Donnelly Janice Lang/ Marion Stewart
5 Diane Wallace/ Pam Drysdale Jean Jasper/ Maggie Ewen
6 Joy Niven/ Margie Logan Ann Alexander/Helen McLeod
7 Maureen Reid/ Maggie Laird Jennifer Blair/ Moira Aitken
8 Moira Stewart/ Lorna Crichton Margaret Sturrock/ Maggie Thurston
9 Sheila Ridgway/ Pat MacPherson Allie Lyburn/ Alma Martine
10 Margaret Hunter/ Ellie Wilson Mary Hope/ Stella Bowers
11 Muriel McPherson/ Alison Huston Sue Dunbar/ Enid Young
11 Aileen Priestley/ Margaret Mauchline Ann Henry/ Susan Robertson
12 Janice Reid/ Heather MacKenzie Doreen Johnston/ Esme Hill
13 Nancy Keddie/ Elaine Beveridge Anne King/Mary Ritchie
14 Margaret Paterson/ Eileen Anderson Joyce Reid/ Moira Wilson
15 Ella Allan/ A N Other Morna Pyle/ Catherine Monks
16 Jennie French/ Sandra Service Helen Carmichael/Helen Lamont
16 Ina Murdoch/ Sheena Hay Aileen Kean/ A N Other
17 Noreen Fordyce/ Sheila Stewart Sheila Christie/ Pat Morrison
18 Jean Laburn/ Joy Reid Jan Kennedy/ Betty McRobbie
Red times please tee off at 9.55, Rest of field at 10.00am KLAXON.

Greensomes, both players tee –off, then select one drive and play alternately to completion of hole. Must use at least 6 drives of each competitor, please record on card.
GREENSOMES allowance see table.
Record GROSS score on each hole.

Best 4 couples;
NEAREST PIN Silver 17; Bronze 15;
LONGEST DRIVE Silver 5; Bronze 7.

Committee and Girls Competition on the Wee Course 2011

Pictured from left to right Abbie Scrimgeour, Jacqui Landsburgh, Jodie Smith, Mari Brown Gillian Wallace, Katy Alexander, Mary Hope, Laura McLaren, Sandy Bushby, Jean Laburn, Steph Parker and Amy Howes

Today the Blairgowrie Ladies' Committee and the Junior Girls played their annual game on the Wee Course. The format was Greensomes and each committee member teamed up with a junior girl. The winning team was Jodie Smith and Jacqui Landsburgh who scored a nett 32.75. Second was Katie Alexander and Gillian Wallace  with  33.5. The weather was excellent and a good time was had by all.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Blairgowrie Ladies V Glenisla Ladies

The Blairgowrie team of Norma Fleming, Mari Brown,Liz Fertacz, Katie Chapman,Avril Smith, Aileen Kean, Margaret McGlashan and Doreen Johnston had a most enjoyable match against the Glenisla Ladies in wind, sunshine and showersand unfortunately lost 1-3.Many thanks to all who played.

2's Result Friday 5th August 2011

2's Winners Friday 5th August:

Maureen Brass 2 at 14
Ray Brass 2 at 14
Sandy Bushby 2 at 14

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Results 3rd Round Millenium Trophy 05/08/2011

Mill Trophy 3rd roundnd Stableford (05/08/2011 CSS:75)

1st 40pts Mari BROWN
2nd 35pts Gwen LAMBIE
3rd 35pts Margaret MCGLASHAN

1st 35pts Moira STEWART
2nd 33pts Ina MURDOCH
3rd 33pts Kim HAWKER

Friday, 5 August 2011

Blairgowrie Ladies versus King James Ladies

A valliant effort in the rain, by Linda Rice, Cathy Irving, Liz Fertacz, Nora Bennet, Heather Dawson, Margaret Paterson, Sheila Christie and Doreen Johnston who were beaten 3-1 by the King James Ladies. Many thanks for representing our club.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Results of the Strokeplay Championship and Gold and Silver Medals

The Strokeplay Championship was played for the first time this year and it is the best aggregate of scratch and handicap scores over the Rosemont and Lansdowne Courses. The winner of the Scratch Strokeplay Championship was Gwen Lambie who scored 82 on Lansdowne and 79 on Rosemount totalling 161. Heather Anderson was second with 170.The winner of the Handicap Strokeplay Championship was Liz Fertacz who scored a nett 71 on Lansdowne and a nett 73 on Rosemount. Gwen Lambie was second with 149.

The Gold and Silver Medals were won by Susan Arbuckle. She had a gross 77 to take the Gold Medal. Both Susan and Sandy Bushby scored a nett 71 for the Silver Medal, but Susan had the better inward half.

Well done to Gwen, Liz and Susan.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Draw 3rd Round Mill Trophy 5th August 2011

Mill Trophy 3rd round (Stableford)

5 August 2011 Handicap Fraction : Full

08:36 Maureen BRASS (13) Ray BRASS (11)

09:03 Barbara LYBURN (12) Moira STEWART (21)
09:12 Anne KING (24) Morna STEVEN (26) Maureen REID (16)
09:21 Etta GARDINER (19) Jan KENNEDY (15) Louise WHITEHEAD (26)
09:30 Elizabeth McPhail (6) Muriel RAE (14) Angela BEALE (23)
09:39 Amy HOWES (35) Meriel WALKER (22) Katie CHAPMAN (24)
09:48 Margaret HUNTER (15) Vike BROWN (27) Birte BUCKETT (25)
09:57 Doreen JOHNSTON (24) Janette HAMILTON (18) Ina MURDOCH (24)
10:06 Carolyn HADDOW (18) Robyn WIGHT (30) Kim HAWKER (22)
10:15 Janet MUIRHEAD (17) Eleanor Sandford (24) Marjorie DESORGUE (27)
10:24 Caroline BEST (15) Elizabeth TOSH (25) Lesley FINDLAY (16)

12:30 Margaret MCGLASHAN (14) Mari BROWN (19)
12:39 Jacqui LANDSBURGH (17) Janet MCKENZIE (25)
12:48 Liz FERTACZ (12) Gillian WALLACE (7) Janice LANG (11)
12:57 Dianne WALLACE (20) Sandy BUSHBY (9) Ella ALLAN (34)

17:18 Cathie IRVING (13) Gwen LAMBIE (6)
17:27 Valerie PRINGLE (12) Brenda CLOUGH (10)