Sunday, 30 March 2014


Ladies,  our  golfing season gets under way  on Friday April 4th  with the Captain v  Vice-Captain  Match which is  Foursomes and a  Shotgun start on Rosemount.  The arrangements are as in past years.
Please meet by 9.30am for the official  photograph on the 1st Tee of Rosemount.   The Lady Captain will drive off, then you make your way with your playing companions to your starting  hole and wait for the claxton  to sound  at 10.00am.

Note : It used to be possible to park at Carsie and walk to some starting holes.   The old  entrance to Carsie is  now closed, so please bear this in mind when planning your route to your starting position.

After the match there will be a glass of wine to celebrate the opening of the season, followed by a  light lunch of soup and sandwiches, tea or coffee and a slice of cake for £8.00.  There is a sign up sheet for the lunch in the Locker Room, or you may sign up on the day.
If  anyone can't make the golf but would like to meet up with the ladies to celebrate the start of the golfing season, do please come along and join us for lunch (probably around 2.00pm)  - just let the caterers know you are coming.
This Match is open to Lansdowne Associate Members.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


Ladies, as we approach the new golfing season please check that your Handicap is active.  If any lady  is unsure of her status, I shall be pleased to advise.


• Competition handicaps are required for competitions where a valid handicap is required.

•  Each lady is responsible for her own handicap.

•  Please  check your handicap against the current list  in the Locker Room.

•  Any lady who does not have a “c” after her handicap does not have an active competition handicap.


1. Three qualifying  cards are required to be  returned in the calendar year to retain your handicap.

2. If you fail to return three qualifying cards, then your handicap will be inactive.

3. If your handicap is to be restored within six months of the date on which your handicap was lost, three qualifying cards covering 54 holes must be submitted  at which point your handicap will be reinstated at the same handicap which you  last held.

4. If your handicap has been lost for more than six months, then you must return three qualifying cards covering 54 holes  to have a handicap allotted -  your three scores, your  previous handicap, conditions etc. of the course when the three rounds were played and all other relevant information will be taken into account when allocating a new handicap.

5. If you suffer ill health or injury, it is reasonable to ask you to submit a letter to the Blairgowrie Golf Club Handicap Committee explaining the circumstances so that consideration can be given to your handicap status.  If your handicap has been lost through ill health or injury which has precluded you from returning the specified number of scores to maintain your handicap, the Handicap Committee have discretionary powers  to allow the retention of a competition handicap but only for the period between Annual Reviews  (which usually takes place in November)  or during the previous calendar year.   Thereafter, your handicap will be deemed to have been lost and three qualifying cards require to be returned over 54 holes  in order for you to be allocated a new handicap.

Margaret Kerr.
Competition Secretary

Monday, 24 March 2014


Mad March Medley
Lansdowne. Winter tees to full  greens, 16 holes.

1st    129  K Chapman, S Bushby, R Watson ( BIH)
2nd   129  L Rice, D Johnston, J Jasper
3rd    132  A Priestley, J Dargie, M Sturrock

Friday, 21 March 2014


The Annual Get Together was attended by sixty Blairgowrie ladies. It was a very enjoyable evening which gave people a chance to catch up with one another after the winter. It was also a chance to meet new members. 

The Lady Captain, Margaret Hunter organised the evening which started with a light supper followed by a golf orientated quiz. Margaret's husband, Graeme, kindly act as quiz master and whilst posing questions and giving the answers, he also provided extra information and anecdotes which were very entertaining. Each committee member was a team leader and ensured the results were obtained from the team within the time limits. The questions were quite challenging but provided the ladies with a lot to think about. At the bottom of the page click on the slideshow where you can see photos kindly taken by Jennie French.

Quiz Master Graeme Hunter

The Winning teams were :

1.    Lansdowne Divas  (Captain Avril Smith) 
Joy, Moira, Katy, Miriam, Aileen, Sandy and Avril

2.     Rosemount Belles (on tie break)  (Fiona Barron 

3.     The Hackers  ( on tie-break)  (Moira Stewart)

4.     The Slicers  (Meriel Walker) 

The other teams were:  Pin Seekers, (Margaret Kerr),  Back 9 Bandits,  (Nanette Pearson),  Sand Baggers (Elizabeth Davie), The Birdies (Hazel Grant), Trolley Dollies (Linda Rice).

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


The next book we decided on is The Calligrapher's Daughter by Eugenia Kim.  A sweeping debut novel, inspired by the life of the author’s mother, about a young woman who dares to fight for a brighter future in occupied Korea.

We'll be meeting to discuss it on Tuesday 22nd April at 2.30.  Please do join us if this book is of interest to you.

Monday, 17 March 2014


The results have been  collated for the Winter Competitions.

Stanley Clark Trophy
Winner  -   Morna Steven     best 3 net scores      = 131
Runner up -  Muriel Rae      best 3 net scores      = 132

Winter League
Winner - Margaret Kerr        best  6 net scores     = 280
           (by better last 3 scores submitted)
Runner up - Sheila  Ridgway  best  6 net scores  = 280

As you can see the results  are extremely close.  Many thanks to all the ladies who have played in Winter League this year.

Margaret Kerr
Competitions Secretary


Saturday, 15 March 2014


Today, Mary Hope, Sandy Bushby, Louise Whitehead, Heather Dawson and Fiona Johnstone represented our club in this competition away to Dunkeld. In a very difficult away draw, in strong winds, Dunkeld won the tie 3.5 - 1.5. By all accounts, this was a very well contested match with individual games being very close. A very big thank you to these ladies for electing to represent our club pre season and putting up a great fight!

 Avril Smith
(Match Secretary)

Friday, 14 March 2014


It was a blustery day for our final Winter League today. However, 21 ladies turned up to play which was a great number. The Lady Captain was feeling very generous and awarded three prizes per section. The Silver winner was Lesley Findlay with a nett 50. Second was Fiona Johnston with a nett 51 and third was Jan Kennedy with a nett 52. The Bronze winner was Sheila Ridgeway with a nett 47. Second was Katy Chapman with a nett 48 and third was Janet McKenzie.
Janet McKenzie, Katy Chapman and Sheila Ridgeway

Fiona Johnston, Lesley Findlay and Jan Kennedy
A message from the Captain, Margaret Hunter:
Next week is the Mad March Medley on Lansdowne which will be an excellent warm up for the season. We will only have to play 16 holes as the 7th & 8th won't be played in order not to make the round not too exhausting. The sign up sheet is in the ladies' locker room or you can sign up online.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Joy, Lady Captain and Noreen
The last session of this winter's Ladies Afternoon Bridge took place today, with five full tables in play.  Attendances  have been excellent  all year, helped by the mild weather.  Lady Captain, Margaret Hunter,  presented Joy Niven and Noreen Fordyce  with a  token of appreciation for again  organising the bridge and being  on hand with help and advice.
Everyone has enjoyed these  bridge afternoons, but now the time has come to get your golf clubs out, so please sign up for next week's Mad March Medley  and the Texas Scramble the following week.  These are fun competitions to help  you  get in the swing again.

The Members  Get-together, which is a Golf Quiz, takes place on Thursday March 20th and NOT March 13th as stated in the Lady Captain's letter.  Tickets are on sale from the caterers, priced £8.00 which includes a glass of wine on arrival and a one-course meal.   This will be a fun night, nothing too difficult!

Friday, 7 March 2014


Margaret Kerr, Brenda Clough and Margaret Hunter
Eighteen ladies braved the wind, hail and snow to play in the Winter League competition on Rosemount today. The Silver prize was won by Brenda Clough who shot a nett 51. She had a better inward half over Susan Arbuckle who took 2nd place. Meriel Walker won the Bronze prize with a nett 50 and Ruth Watson was 2nd  with a nett 59. Actually everyone was a winner today as the Lady Captain, Margaret Hunter presented all participants with either a chocolate bunny or chicken!
Meriel Walker and Margaret Hunter
Ruth Watson