Friday, 29 November 2013


Remember! The  Ladies Christmas Lunch  takes place  NEXT WEEK on Friday 6th December, 12 for 12.30pm.  Tickets are now on sale from the Caterers price £17.00, which includes a glass of wine on arrival. There will be  fun Christmas entertainment, a special Christmas  quiz, plus some surprises.

WINTER LEAGUE 29/11/2013

Rosemount  : Winter tees to winter green
Silver Winner      1st   Lesley FINDLAY (42)  2nd Sandy BUSHBY (47)
Bronze Winner    1st  Katy CHAPMAN (45)  2nd Meriel WALKER (48)
** Congratulations to MARY HOPE who had a Hole in One on the 6th. 
Mary was playing with Brenda Clough. **
(Click on the Pics to enlarge)

Top left : Mary and Brenda  Right : Sandy and Lesley Below : Meriel and Katy

At the Annual Meeting on October 11th 2013 a Member asked if it would be possible to hold  future meetings at 11.00am instead of 6.00pm as some members did not like attending an evening meeting.
There were comments from working ladies that this would effectively  bar  them from  attending any future Annual Meetings.
The Lady Captain agreed to take a sounding from Members as to the time of future meetings.  If you would like to register a preference,  you will find slips on the notice-board in the Locker Room.  Please fill in,  place in the  envelopes provided, close, and put into the  Card Box. Closing date  19th December.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Pictured below is a button from a Blairgowrie Lady's Golf Club blazer circa 1930 which belonged to Jane Hendry. The button was donated to Blairgowrie Golf Club by her daughter Margaret Leggat who now lives in Australia. She very kindly sent it to Janette Hamilton who passed it on to the Captain at the time, Jean Laburn, who organised for the button to be mounted with a plaque. This was done by Lorraine Welsh, daughter of Heather Welsh. If you would like to see the real thing, you will find it in the trophy cabinet by the Pro Shop.

Friday, 22 November 2013

WINTER LEAGUE 22/11/2013

Lansdowne Winter tees to winter greens
Silver Winners
1st    Muriel RAE  46      2nd   Jan KENNEDY  47 (bih)
Bronze Winners
1st    Sheila RIDGEWAY  43      2nd   Louise WHITEHEAD  48  (bih)
Muriel Rae,  V/Captain Elizabeth Davie and Jan Kennedy

The  Ladies Christmas Lunch  takes place on Friday 6th December, 12 for 12.30pm.  Tickets are now on sale from the Caterers price £17.00, which includes a glass of wine on arrival. There will be  fun Christmas entertainment, a special Christmas  quiz, plus some surprises.

The Lady Captain would like it known that no prior information about the special Christmas lunches  on offer  at the Club in December  was given to the Ladies Committee.   Had we known in advance, this would have had  a bearing on the Menu  choice and price of our lunch. We do hope Ladies will support the  Christmas Lunch which  has always been a happy and fun event.

Sheila Ridgeway, Vice Captain & Louise Whitehead

Tuesday, 19 November 2013


November 16th 2013

Hullo Ladies!
My team, The Lady Jets,  finished fifth in our final two tournaments, both of which were in Oklahoma - one in Edmund and the other  in Fort Sill. This marked the end of our fall season and our next tournament isn't until February when we travel to San Antonio.  Unfortunately being in off season means that there is less golf and more school, but with finals approaching fast that's probably not such a bad idea.
I finally turned eighteen and was able to get an American bank account!  We went out dancing as a team along with the men's golf team and I learned how to two-step which was a lot of fun.  We celebrated Halloween (which is even bigger here than I realized) by going to a corn maze and successfully getting lost, but those things are confusing, especially in the dark when none of us thought to bring a torch - oops...

Off season practice though is a little different, our Coach has us doing some interesting things, we have to chip and putt using just our left arms - it was easier than I thought it would be though.  Although with it starting to get colder we have to get inventive with keeping ourselves warm, the other day half of us had to do jumping jacks while the other half were chipping into a circle and then we switched - I think it's safe to say I've never done so many jumping jacks in my entire life - but they did the job! 
The semester is almost over, with only two more weeks until finals begin, it  won't be long until I'm home again, not sure if I'm ready for how cold it's going to be.   Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Best Wishes


Saturday, 16 November 2013


Trophy Winners 2013
Congratulations to all ladies who won a prize in 2013.  The  Prize-Giving,  held on  Friday, November 16th,  was well supported by members and friends. The trophies and prizes were presented by Captain Alisdair Drummond and Lady Captain Margaret Hunter. Thanks go to Managing Secretary Douglas Cleeton and his team  for organising the magnificent display of trophies, vouchers and commemorative glasses.  

WINTER LEAGUE 15/11/2013

Rosemount. Winter tees to full greens
Silver Winners
47  Heather DAWSON    49  Heather ANDERSON
Bronze Winners
48 Jean LABURN   49 Barbara CUTHBERT
Heather Dawson. Lady Captain and Heather Anderson.
Jean Laburn, Margaret Hunter & Barbara Cuthbert

Monday, 11 November 2013


The winners of some of the October competitions received golf balls as
prizes. These are available for collection from the Professional's Shop.  If you won - please ask the next time you are  at the Club. Thanks.
Margaret Kerr 
Competitions Secretary

Friday, 8 November 2013


Despite the threat of rain showers, 25 ladies turned out for the Winter League on Lansdowne today.  After a few holes the rain drops subsided and it turned into a lovely autumn day.  

The results were :

         Silver Winner – Margaret Kerr (49)
         Silver R/UP – Heather Dawson (53)

Bronze Winner – Katy Chapman (49)
Bronze R/Up – Louise Whitehead (52)


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


LADIES...the Committee has been approached by several players to ask if a  Draw can be done for the Winter League.  The reason for the request is that ladies who have distances to travel are finding they may have to leave the house  about one hour to  45 minutes  before the Draw in the Locker Room  and if they are drawn last, they then  sit around the Locker Room for an hour or more, before playing 12 holes.  Some  ladies have said they feel the amount of time spent to play 12 holes isn't worth it.
We appreciate that it is  handy/convenient to look at the weather  and be able to decide on the day if you want to play or not, so, after consulting  ladies who play Winter League, we are going to have a trial period when a Draw will be done, BUT you can still turn up on the day.

From Friday 15th November the Winter League arrangements  will be :

You can sign up on line until 10.00 am on Thursday  and a Draw will be made  by the Office and posted on the Club Website.
If you decide ON THE DAY you want to play,  just come to the Locker Room  and a  Random Draw will be made for ladies playing after the Official Draw.  A Committee Member will be there, so you are guaranteed  a Partner.   Depending on numbers  the Draw for the "on the day players"  will be done  by  picking a card.
This arrangement is being tried to encourage more ladies to  play Winter League,  especially  those who have quite a way to travel to the Club.
We shall review these arrangements at the end of December.
Margaret Hunter
Lady Captain

Friday, 1 November 2013


The Winter League finally got underway on Lansdowne today with 23 ladies taking part in beautiful autumnal weather. 

Silver Winner :  Brenda  Clough (52) bih
Silver R/Up :  Anne Henry (52)
Bronze Winner:  Elizabeth  Tosh (55) bih
Bronze R/Up: Katy Chapman (55
Brenda and Anne with  the Lady Captain

Vike has found the  gold brooch which she lost  3 weeks ago. The brooch is somewhat mangled, but Vike is relieved to have it back and thanks everyone who looked for it.

There will be very limited catering at the Club next week  due to holidays. The coffee/tea machine will be in operation and there will be biscuits, nuts, crisps, etc available from the bar, but if you want a sandwich when you come in after golf - bring your own!
Margaret Hunter, Katy Chapman and Margaret Kerr (Comps)