Tuesday, 30 April 2013


The first Turn Up and Play Competition for the 2013 season was played in glorious sunshine and no wind! Sixteen ladies took part in a stableford on the Lansdowne Course. The winner with 35 points was Anne Spence. Second with 33 points was Jean Jasper and third was Katie Chapman with 32 points.
Today's winner Anne Spence with
her prize a tube of Smarties!

Monday, 29 April 2013


Strong winds and  squally showers  made conditions tough for today's  friendly match between Blairgowrie and Elie.  The result was a  draw.  Well done to  Margaret Hunter, Sheila Ritchie, Jacqui Landsburgh, Janette Hamilton,  Barbara Cuthbert, Doreen Johnstone, Nora Hay and Fiona Doig.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

RESULTS 26/04/2013

SLGA Medal 4 (1st Qualifier Club Championship)
1st Round Margaret Salver
Rosemount CSS 77

Division 1
67  Annette GREWAR  (18)
74  Fiona JOHNSTON  (12)
75  Sandy BUSHBY (10)

Division 2
81  Nora HAY  (22)
83  Hilary INGLIS (21)
83  Doreen Johnston (26)

CSS 70 Reduction Only

66 Elisabeth SMITH (29)
76  Wilma NICOLL (29)

** The first Turn-up-and-Play will take place on Tuesday  on Lansdowne.  Lady Captain Vike Brown will be  in charge.


Friday, 26 April 2013


We are pleased to report some success for Blairgowrie Ladies in recent competitions.

P & K Ladies County Golfers meeting at Muckhart on April 18th
Gillian Wallace came 2nd in the Scratch section  of the Nell Scott Quaich 1st Round with an 88.

Midland Vets Meeting at Stirling on April 25th
Sandy Bushby won the  Handicap Division  of the Allan Cup with a 76.

At both meetings conditions were extremely tough resulting in a REDUCTION ONLY  status for the competitions (to the relief of many!)

Well done Ladies!

Monday, 22 April 2013


Moira Stewart  has lost her 8 iron.  Moira was playing on the Wee Course on Saturday, April 20th,  and she thinks she mis-placed her club at the side of a green around  mid-afternoon.  Did anyone find it  and put it in their golf bag, meaning to hand it in to the Office?  Please advise the Office if you have it and they will pass on the message to Moira.


Blairgowrie  played Forfar today in the first of our  2013 Matches.....sad to report we lost 3 - 1, but  most Matches were close, some going to the last putt on the 18th.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

RESULTS 19/04/2013

SLGA Medal 3 Karrinyup Spoon
Lansdowne CSS 76

Division 1
68  Barbara LYBURN (13)
73  Brenda CLOUGH (10)
74  Margaret McGLASHAN (15)

Division 2
74  Louise WHITEHEAD (24)
77  Barbara CUTHBERT (22)
78  Ina MURDOCH (24)

** The  Match season starts on Monday with a home game against Forfar.  Good luck everyone! **

Monday, 15 April 2013

RESULTS 11/04/2013

SLGA Medal  2 & I.M.F Brooch
Rosemount CSS 76

Division 1
74  FIONA  JOHNSTON (12)  (after count-back)
74  Emily AIRD (5)
75  Margaret  McGLASHAN (16)
Division 2 
79  Margaret STURROCK (24) 
80  Hilary INGLIS (21)
81  Katy CHAPMAN  (24) 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Senior's Captain Ian MacPherson and Ladies' Captain Vike Brown
A bitterly cold but sunny day provided the backdrop for the annual match between the Ladies and Blairgowrie Senior Men today. As holders of the Columbine Trophy the Ladies selected a strong team, flying in their lowest handicap player from South Africa. Despite a valiant effort with many matches going to the 18th green the Ladies narrowly failed to retain the trophy. As someone commented after the match "McPherson stimulated his troops with his lunchtime speech, sprinkling it with references to the aphrodisiac powers of the Columbine flower - the Ladies were exhausted before a ball was struck". The non-playing Lady Captain Vike Brown gave a very gracious closing speech thanking Margaret Hunter for leading the team, Ian McPherson for organising the match and the catering team for providing an excellent meal before presenting the Trophy to the Senior's Convenor.     

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Pleased to report that despite playing in heavy snow, Blairgowrie managed to beat Glenisla 4-1 in their Mail on Sunday match played on Rosemount today. Well done to Mary Hope, Maureen Brass, Barbara Cuthbert, Louise Whitehead and Sandy Bushby.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

RESULTS : 05/04/2013

SLGA Medal 1 Lansdowne  CSS 77

Division 1
76  Muriel RAE (15)
77  Susan ARBUCKLE (4)
78  Gwen LAMBIE (6)  after count-back

Division 2
77  Katie CHAPMAN (24)
79  S McCLELLAND (34)
79  Morna STEVEN (28)  after count-back

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

DRAW 05/04/2013

SLGA Mdl 1 Lansdowne: 5 April 2013
Start Time
09:03 Hilary INGLIS (21c) Katie CHAPMAN (24c) Sheila RIDGWAY (31c)
09:12 Ella ALLAN (35c) Janet MCKENZIE (26c) Kay THOMSON (31c)
09:21 Jennie GEDDES (36) Anne SPENCE (26c) Ruth ALEXANDER (32c)
09:30 Ina MURDOCH (24c) Laura MACKAY (21c) Doreen JOHNSTON (26c)
09:39 Morna STEVEN (28c) Mrs S McCLELLAND (34c) Elizabeth TOSH (26c)

10:15 Elizabeth MCPHAIL (6) Jan KENNEDY (16c)
10:24 Carolyn HADDOW (19c) Lesley FINDLAY (17c) Meriel WALKER (20c)
10:33 Muriel RAE (15c) Noreen FORDYCE (18c) Jennifer PETRIE (11c)
10:42 Sandy BUSHBY (10c) Janette HAMILTON (19c) Dorothy WHYTOCK (20c)

12:39 Brenda CLOUGH (10c) Jacqui LANDSBURGH (16c) Margaret KERR (17c)
12:48 Susan ARBUCKLE (4c) Muriel MCPHERSON (14c) Fiona M JOHNSTON (12c)
12:57 Barbara LYBURN (13c) Norma FLEMING (8c) Merrie RUTHERFORD (16c)
13:06 Liz FERTACZ (14c) Margaret HUNTER (15c) Maureen BRASS (13c


The draws for the Jessie Valentine Trophy, Coronation Trophy and Gellatly Rosebowl have been  made and will be  displayed shortly  in the upstairs locker room. The final winter results are:

(Best final score less ½ handicap) 
Winner                   Sandy Bushby               58 -  5    = 53
Runner Up             Margaret Hunter            69 - 7.5 = 61.5

(Best final  score less ½ handicap)            
Winner                   Margaret Hunter             52 - 7.5 = 44.5
Runner up             Sandy Bushby                 54 - 5    = 49

Margaret Kerr
Competitions Secretary

Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Rules :
·      4 ball better ball     3/4 difference off  back marker.
·      Gents Play off Yellow tees.
·      Ladies  play off RED tees.
Ladies receive 4 additional shots to be added to their handicap as per the CONGU rules - this is    because the SSS is 74 for Ladies against 70 for Men on Rosemount and 75 for Ladies against 71 for Men  on Lansdowne. CONGU recommend that the Ladies card is used for Stroke Index purposes

Monday, 1 April 2013


We have just heard some fantastic news that Emily Aird, our Club Champion, has won a golf scholarship to study at Newman College, Wichita, Kansas,  USA.  At 17, Emily is the youngest-ever  lady champion at Blairgowrie  and is looking forward to  travelling to the States in  August to  begin a 4-year degree course. Emily is hoping to make a career in golf and has been assisted by prodream USA, who source, scout, educate and assess eligible candidates  for golf scholarships and then promote them to recruiting US coaches. Emily will  not be totally lost to Blairgowrie, however, as she  plans to return home in the summer months and play golf at Blairgowrie. We extend our congratulations to Emily and her family.