Sunday, 30 September 2012


Lady Captain's Farewell  &  Annual Meeting October 12th
The sign-up sheet for the Lady Captain's  Farewell is in the upstairs Locker Room, or you can sign up on-line. The format will be Chinese Greensomes (?)  and FUN.  The draw will be posted, as usual, on the club website. 

The Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting can be found on the club website under the heading  Members area - committee minutes.  A copy is also in the Locker  Room.

The Annual Meeting  will begin at 6.00pm. Ladies are invited to stay on for a meal after the Meeting....sign-up sheet in the Locker Room.  If  you  do not wish to have the meal, please feel free to join other ladies in the dining-room after the Meeting.
If you are  not playing golf before the Annual Meeting,  but wish to stay on for the meal,  there is a separate sign up sheet in the Locker Room....this is to help  us give the caterers  the  correct numbers.
The meal is  priced £8.00 for one course,  and £4.00 for  a sweet.  The menu choice will be available before the Meeting  when you sign the attendance record.
If you are unsure about any of the arrangements please phone the Office.

Book Exchange
The Book Exchange in the upstairs Locker Room continues to be a success, but we could do  with  some more books.   All proceeds go to the Lady Captain's chosen charity.

RESULTS : 29/09/2012

Medal Winners Rosemount CSS  74
1st   75   Gillian WALLACE  (7)     after Count-back
2nd  75   Emily AIRD (5)                lowest gross after Count-back
3rd   76   Margaret MCGLASHAN (16)
1st   74  Katy CHAPMAN (24)
2nd  76  Ruth ALEXANDER (32)
3rd   84  Angela BEALE (25)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

RESULTS : 28/09/2012

4BBB  Rosemount
1st   37 points  Janette  Hamilton and Linda Rice
2nd  36 points  Heather  Anderson and Gillian Wallace
3rd   34 points  Laura  MacKay and Fiona  Barron

Saturday, 22 September 2012


The Lady Captain's Farewell Competition will take place at 12.30pm  on Friday October 12th on Rosemount -  the format will be fun.   Please sign up and give the Lady Captain a farewell to remember.

The Annual Meeting will be held  at 6.00pm  on Friday 12th October  in the lounge.

Nominations for Office Bearers

1.   Captain                                         Vike Brown
2.   Vice- Captain                               Margaret Hunter
3.   Match Secretary                           Katy Chapman
4.   Competition Secretary                 Margaret Kerr

There are 4 vacancies for the Ladies Committee,  due to the following Committee Members retiring from office :  Jean Laburn, Sheila Ritchie,  Anne King,  Jacqui Landsburgh

The following nominees have been received for Committee :
Meriel Walker,  Fiona Barron, Hazel Grant,  Avril Smith     

Following the Annual Meeting  there will be the Prize-giving Presentation. Ladies are invited to stay on for a meal, priced £8.00 for one course,  and £4.00 for  a sweet.  The menu choice will be available before the Meeting  when you sign the attendance record.

* If you do not wish to have a meal,   you are welcome to stay on and join  other ladies in the dining-room after the Annual Meeting.


28th September     Autumn 4BBB. Enter in pairs.
2nd  October          Turn Up and Play on Lansdowne - 

                               please register by 9.30am at the latest.
5th  October           4-club Competition. Mixed draw on Lansdowne.  

                               (Always good fun - makes  you wonder why 
                               you have 13 clubs in your bag!)
19th October        Turkey Trot.  Mixed draw.

RESULTS 22/09/12

SLGA Medal 15 Lansdowne (CSS 77) 
1st  73   Mary HOPE (11)
2nd 74   Heather ANDERSON (3)
3rd  76   Norma FLEMING (9)
1st  71  Kay THOMSON (34)
2nd 77  Anne SPENCE (26)
3rd  80 Helen CARMICHAEL (21) 

Saturday, 15 September 2012

RESULTS :14/09/2012

SLGA 14   Lansdowne  (CSS 77)
1st   74  Cathie IRVING (13)    lowest gross
2nd  76  Muriel MCPHERSON (14)
3rd   77  Heather DAWSON (17)
1st   75  Ruth ALEXANDER (33)
2nd  78  Lesley MCPHERSON (33)
3rd   79  Ina MURDOCH (24)  lowest gross

Sunday, 9 September 2012



The Ladies Medal Winners Competition for the winners of all SLGA Medals is to be held on Saturday 29th September 2012 from 9.00am until 10.30am on the Rosemount Course.

If you wish to be included, you should enter your name via on-line booking by Monday 24th September 2012 in order for an official Draw to be made. If you are unable to take part could you please let either Margaret Kerr or the Club know to avoid anyone missing out.
The Medal Winners (so far) are as follows:-

                                                 Silver                           Bronze

Medal 1                       Margaret McGlashan     Fiona Barron

Medal 2                       Gillian Wallace               Elizabeth Tosh

Medal 3                       Mary Hope                     Meriel Walker

Medal 4                       Norma Fleming              Katie Chapman

Medal 5                       Maureen Brass               Suki Stobbs

Medal 6                       Heather Anderson          Ruth Alexander      

Medal 7                       Emily Aird                     Ruth Alexander

Medal 8                       Susan Arbuckle              Kim Hawker

Medal 9                       Emily Aird                     Christine Mitchell

Medal 10                     Muriel McPherson          Aileen Kean

Medal 11                     Margaret Kerr                Morna Steven

Medal 12                                 -                                    -             (Course Closed)

Medal 13                                

Medal 14

Medal 15

Please note the winners of the Ladies Extra Medals and Wee Course do not qualify to play in the Medal Winners Competition.

Competition Secretary,

Margaret Kerr.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


The European Senior Ladies' Team Championship 2012 has been taking place at Lugano in Switzerland  this week with Heather Anderson of Blairgowrie in the Scotland team. Unfortunately Scotland failed to qualify for the Flight A Matchplay stages, but came storming back with victories over  Iceland and Finland to reach the Final of Flight B where they played Belgium.  Heather won her match 6/5 but the team lost  2 - 3 to Belgium.

RESULTS: 7/09/12

SLGA Medal 13 Lansdowne  (CSS 75)
1st   71   Moira LUMBY (11)
2nd  74   Sandy BUSHBY (10)
3rd   74  Cathie IRVING (14)
1st   77   Christina CLEETON (28)
2nd  79   Meryl FERGUSON
3rd   80   Doreen JOHNSTON (26)

Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Sheila McKenzie Trophy

The results could not have been closer for the greensome competition with .2 separating the first and second and another .2 separating the second and third pair.
1st Sheila Ritchie/Jean Laburn        - 76.2
2nd Brenda Clough/Kay Thomson - 76.4
3rd Maureen Brass/Ina Murdoch    -76.6