The Committee has agreed to grant permission to all members who cannot play in the main Thursday competitions, to play on the Alternative Day.

The Alternative Day takes place on the Sunday prior to the Main Day, subject to course availability. A list, on a monthly basis, will be placed in the locker room and on the Ladies Blog, indicating alternative Day competition dates.

All medals and championship qualifying rounds will be included, together with as many of the competitions as is possible.

There will be two tee times allocated for both morning and afternoon play. The tee times will be labelled ‘Ladies Comp’ for online booking purposes. Any player wishing to play within these tee times must book online by 10am the previous Thursday, otherwise these tee times will be released. Players can otherwise play at a time, and with whom, they wish. All players competing in the Alternate Day must sign up at the Pro shop before playing.

The Alternative Day competition counts as a separate competition for handicap purposes. A CSS must be calculated for each day and handicaps adjusted accordingly. The results of the two days will be combined for allocation of prizes.

If either the Main Day or the Alternative Day competition is cancelled and cannot be rearranged the result on the day when the competition was played (i.e. Main Day or Alternative Day) shall stand.

Under no circumstances may any player play more than once in any one qualifying competition.