Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Blairgowrie Ladies ready for action
Lady Captain Kathy Cameron greets the Turnberry Team

Today our Lady Captain Kathy Cameron, welcomed the Turnberry Ladies team to Blairgowrie, this being the first home friendly between the teams. The Turnberry players reported they all had a good journey north and all were looking forward to playing Rosemount, as most of the team had never played the course before.

After introductions and a refreshing cup of coffee, the teams were all set, with the Blairgowrie pairs being Fiona Johnston & Janice Lang, Mary Hope & Sandy Bushby, Muirel McPherson & Margaret Hunter and Avril Smith & Suki Stobbs

The weather was good with sunshine, a light breeze, and the suspected showers coming to nothing. The match was followed by a wonderful meal in the dining room, with Fiona Johnston (Team Captain) and Sylvia Kemp, Lady Captain of Turnberry giving the vote of thanks. The result of the match was in Blairgowrie's favour with a 4-0 win.

The Turnberry ladies were extremely complimentary about the condition of the course and were fascinated with the visible wild life, all stating that they would be back to play it again. I would like to thank the Blairgowrie players for volunteering to play and for making the day an enjoyable event for our visitors.

Fiona Johnston (Match Secretary)