Friday, 9 December 2016


The Ladies gathered at Blairgowrie golf Club for their annual Christmas Lunch. Despite the slightly warmer rainy weather there was a festive feeling in the clubhouse. Ladies were greeted by Captain Meriel Walker and were then served a drink by Angie and her team to get the party started. 
Captain Meriel Walker

At 12:30 everyone was called into the dining room by Jane and Janis Lang said an appropriate golfing grace. Afterwards we were shown pictures of the Committee as children and we had to guess who they were. It was a challenging task as the winning team only managed five correct answers! 
Captain Meriel introduced us to a new way of playing pass the parcel whereby she read us a story that included the words left and right and every time the words were said, the parcel had to be passed in that direction. The winner was the person at each table holding the parcel when the story was over. 

Presentation to the winners of the Turkey Trot was made: Sandy Bushby was 1st with 39 points, Doreen Johnstone was 2nd  with 38 points and Katie Chapman was 3rd with 35 points. 

The grand finale of the afternoon took place with music being played by Andy Lang and Jim Webster. The ladies were all in good voice and sang a number of Christmas songs. Below you will be able to see the ladies sing a special song about golf written by Andy.

Ladies sing along with Andy and Jim

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