Tuesday, 24 April 2018


11 Ladies turned up today to play in our first Turn Up and Play Day on Rosemount.  It was a fine day although a little blustery at times.  Sheila Bruce organised the ladies into groups of 3 to play a format called Criss Cross.

On an individual basis, using our full handicap allowance, we had to note our gross score and then our nett score on each hole.  The fun came when we had to compare the better nett score from the outward first 9 holes with the inward 9  holes.
eg hole 1 was compared with hole 10 and the better nett score was ringed and so on.  To finish, all nett ringed holes were added up to give a final score.

It was good fun and the winners were

1st Sheila Bruce with a score of 30
2nd Suki Stobbs with a score of 32
3rd Hazel Grant with  a score of 33

Thanks to Sheila for organising our day which was enjoyed by all.

Janice Lang
Ladies Captain