Thursday, 5 April 2018



As this is the start of season herewith a few reminders.


Tee times will be between 8am and 9am for ladies who wish to play early; there will then be times from 9am to 10.33am as well as 12.39pm to 12.57pm and 5.36pm to 5.54pm.


A Player who has entered an SGL Medal/Competition and subsequently finds she is unable to play at the time allotted, may play at another time.  In that event, the player should contact Reception/Pro Shop to be allocated another time.

  1. Where a draw has been made for a SGL Medal/Competition, a player may only change a tee time via Reception/Pro Shop.  In these circumstances the player can play for handicap only and is unable to win the competition.
  2. A player who has not entered the Medal/Competition can, after the draw has been made, contact Reception/Pro Shop for a ‘late entry’.  Once allocated a time the player is deemed ‘in the draw’ and is eligible to win the competition.  If the player subsequently changes the tee time then the player is liable to clause (a) above.


The majority of Alternate Day fixtures are on a Sunday but there are a couple on a Saturday, please check your fixture list for dates.  There will be two tee off times allocated for both morning and afternoon play and players will be eligible to compete for silverware but must play within the set tee times.  Any lady playing out-with the set times may win a medal but not the silverware.


In order to regain (for 2018) or keep (for 2019) your handicap, the preference is for you to submit 3 x 18 holes on either Rosemount or Lansdowne.  However, for those who are unable to manage 18 holes or for Wee Course ladies, 3 x 9 hole cards should be submitted.

Janice Lang
Ladies Captain